Our large wreckers will handle your heavy duty, semi tractor and trailers as well as large buses. We have a semi tractor that can pull our flat bed or an enclosed trailer to off load your cargo in case your trailer is damaged or disabled.

Wrecker Service

When requesting our wrecker service please tell us the make, model, year and color of the vehicle, if it is all wheel drive or has special clearance issues, also include insurance information and how you intend to pay for our service.

On OTR and heavy duty vehicles we will also need to know if the bed or trailer is loaded, type of cargo, how much it weighs and all insurance companies involved.

Our small to medium wreckers can handle anything from motorcycles to medium duty trucks, vans and buses.

806 W. McKay St., Frontenac, Ks. 66763  Phone: 620-231-3170 Fax: 620-231-6812